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Taking control through sport

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. < Back share share Talking control through sport I initially found my passion for sport because I wanted to get into the army. However after being discharged, I hit rock bottom and my mental health problems took over. I… Read more »

Giving myself a break with boxercise

You can forget for a while that you’ve got mental health problems. < Back share share Giving myself a break with boxercise In this film by Sport England, Peter talks about boxercise sessions at a gym run by former world champion boxer Duke McKenzie. Val also explains how she boosted her confidence after attending badminton… Read more »

Taking control of my eating problems

Now I can focus on how many miles I’ve run, while making sure my body’s getting the right food and energy to run the distance. < Back share share Taking control of my eating problems Last year I had one of those eureka moments. I decided to start running. Because I wanted to prove to… Read more »

5 ways to get moving and feel better

You don’t have to be lifting hundreds of pounds or run a marathon to feel better. < Back share share 5 ways to get moving and feel better Getting started with physical activity can feel like an uphill struggle. This short film has some practical ideas that may help you to get started. Mind Remember… Read more »

Feeling energised with Green Gym

It’s not hard work and you seem to learn things at a gentle pace; I’ve found it’s improved my fitness levels. < Back share share Feeling energised with Green Gym Paul joined a Green Gym in Regent’s Park run by The Conservation Volunteers (TCV). It helped him to feel more energised while providing some structure… Read more »

Running, lithium and bipolar

I did the half marathon. I didn’t want to miss it again and I felt that running it was the right thing for me. < Back share share No excuses, look after yourself!   Having discovered the joy of running in my mid‐twenties, I stopped when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The medication massively… Read more »

Green exercise and ecotherapy

It’s like a door’s opened up for me; building my confidence and self‐esteem. < Back share share Green exercise and ecotherapy Being active outdoors in nature can help improve your physical and mental health. People attending four ecotherapy projects in this film explained how their activities were helping them to make new friends, learn new… Read more »

Dance gives me vitality

My strength began to return, I was able to get off my medication, and after a few months the shaking stopped. < Back share share Dance gives me vitality I have always loved dancing. At 16 years I graduated in Bharata Natyam; a South Indian classical dance. But when I was 18 my mother decided… Read more »

Join Get Set to Go

It allows me to try new sports and meet new people < Back share share Join a Get Set to Go project near you Finding the right activity for you and then sticking at it long enough to start enjoying the physical, mental and social benefits can be a real struggle when you’ve got a… Read more »

Elefriends got me running again

The support was genuine and it built my confidence to start battling the darkness. < Back share share Elefriends got me running again Three years ago I’d dug myself out of the blackness through running and my trusted doggie was at my side every step of the way as my running partner. I’d signed up… Read more »